Thoughts and Insanity of a Lizard
Music, rambling, and findings of an insane muscian wearing a Lizard mask.

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Born in 1989
Stuck in Michigan and it sucks.

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detail from a painting im working on by JasonJacenko


Yoo Jian by Kim Youngjun for W Korea Mar 2014

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omgf the skunk

baby animals

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Client: The art looks really distorted in our email newsletter.

Me: That’s weird. I made it exactly to the specs. Do I have the correct specs?

Client: Yes. 

Me: Did you do anything to the image?

Client: All I did was stretch it!

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Evil Passion

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Alice: Madness Returns

Leave Credit!

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Are you telling me the fate of 12 billion people is in the hands of these criminals? 

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Model: Leila Lunatic
Photo: Zen Pix

Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |

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